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                Corporate culture


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                Address: resident of Xidong sub district office, Zouping City, Shandong Province

                Science and technology Yaohua

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                Science and technology Yaohua                                 

                Quality creates excellence and technology enlightens dreams.

                Technology is the industry benchmark of the world, with the leading edge of the industry,

                Win the market, win customers, win tomorrow.

                Quality first,Perfect fusion wonderful, sincere Lixin century. Yaohua Tenai has actively built a scientific and technological enterprise platform characterized by innovation, comprehensively implemented the information construction of fine management, financial management system, human resource management system, office automation platform and project management platform, and achieved remarkable results. It has become a banner of R &amp; D, production and construction of wear-resistant refractory insulation materials and furnace wall masonry for industrial boilers.

                Technology innovation,It is committed to invigorating the enterprise with science and technology and leading the technology. Yaohua Tenai has accumulated first-class furnace building experts and high-end R &amp; D talents to create a first-class engineering technology R &amp; D center with the leading level in the industry. It has also established R &amp; D laboratories with Henan University of science and technology and Luoyang Refractory Research Institute to continuously strengthen the leading edge in the professional field, so that the product quality and technical indicators have reached the domestic standards Even the international leading level.

                International integration,"Going out" and holding up the banner of China's creation, in the infinite world of science and technology, Yaohua Tenai actively absorbs the international leading management mode and scientific and technological achievements, and is committed to building a future oriented core competitiveness, attracting elites from all over the world, forming a bridge of friendship, and promoting the leap forward growth of business with more advanced standards, more efficient services and more global vision.