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                Corporate culture


                National Service Hotline:



                E-mail address:yhtnkj2009@163.com

                Address: resident of Xidong sub district office, Zouping City, Shandong Province

                Brand Yaohua

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                Brand Yaohua                            

                With the vision and mind of the world,

                The world-famous masterpieces and exquisite works of architecture,

                Condense the spirit and soul of continuous progress.

                Wear resistant material expert,Yaohua Tenai is committed to becoming a world-class wear-resistant material manufacturing enterprise, maximizing customer value, and has a number of core technologies in wear-resistant, fire-resistant, thermal insulation and various kinds of amorphous castables, plastic and other aspects. As the world's top service provider in the field of high temperature industry, Yaohua Tenai has the industry's leading integrated manufacturing platform, creating the international attention Yaohua standard.

                Furnace building expert,As a well-known enterprise with diversified development in the field of industrial furnace fire resistance and thermal insulation, Yaohua Tenai has five professional construction teams with more than 150 people. Most of its project managers have more than 20 years of first-line construction experience. While continuously realizing the energy saving, work efficiency and life maximization of the new generation of industrial furnaces, Yaohua Tenai is always committed to providing customers with high-quality, fast and comprehensive integrated solutions Solutions.

                Service Specialist,Yaohua tenar has a professional and efficient marketing service team, including more than ten years of product service experience, to provide customers with reliable and rapid response of meticulous service, and formed a set of direct by the general manager, special car, 24 hours in place, Yaohua tenar characteristic service system, no matter when and where you are, Yaohua tenar's service is at your side.

                Boiler operation system solution expert (global) leading service provider

                Based on the world-class high-tech enterprises, Yaohua Tenai, with the growing industry insight and efforts, based on the strategic commanding point with the most global vision, according to the "expert system solutions for boiler operation" The brand vision of "global leader service provider" is to continuously meet the high requirements of global customers with international cutting-edge R &amp; D concept and management level, and strive to grow into a first-class, domestic leading and internationally famous large comprehensive enterprise group in the province.