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                Corporate culture


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                The humanity of Yaohua

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                The humanity of Yaohua                                 

                The profound details of the years,

                It inherits the essence of excellent tradition and modern advanced ideas,

                To nurture growth with wealth, to lead the peak with benchmarking.

                The source of virtue,From Qi Fenglu rhyme, poetic landscape to fan Gong's legacy, Confucius and Mencius Liufang, Zibo, rich in materials and outstanding people, the fertile land of self-improvement, nurtures yaohuate's energetic and promising character, the spiritual inheritance of virtue, and condenses the material and spiritual treasures of one side of soil and water. Yaohua tenacity, inheriting civilization, forging ahead with determination; learning from the past and opening up the present, continuing to write brilliance!

                The best way,Focus on the achievement of classics, Zhengde stop at perfection. The responsibility and mission of the builders, the vision and mind of the pioneers, and the dedication of excellent products with excellence, and the practice of great love with kindness. On the basis of "inheriting the essence of Chinese culture and integrating the concept of modern business norms", Yaohua Tenai devotes itself to the promotion of traditional culture and the construction of ideological system, and practices and conveys the true meaning of love and gratitude with its own actions.

                The journey of thinking,Humanity, with its unique way of growth, takes root in history, achieves the present and leads the future. In the pursuit of dreams, Yaohua tenar always warms everyone around us and the world with strong humanistic care. He makes every soul belong, he makes every departure full of power, he makes the enterprise become a member of the society, he makes the light of life bloom in the distance.