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                The second step

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                The second step

                Date of release:2012-12-12 Author: Click:

                The second step:Sanjia construction

                Wear resistant material expert, furnace building expert and service expert

                Construction goal and supporting advantages of "wear resistant material expert"

                Construction goal: Yaohua Tenai is committed to becoming a world-class wear-resistant material manufacturing enterprise, to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent, and has a number of core technologies in wear-resistant, fire-resistant, thermal insulation, various kinds of amorphous castables, plastic and other aspects.

                Supporting advantages: (1) national high-tech enterprises; (2) the only engineering and technical research center of wear-resistant and thermal insulation materials for circulating fluidized bed boilers in Shandong Province; (3) provincial "one enterprise, one technology" R &amp; D center; (4) 20 utility model patents, one invention patent, and five invention patents have entered the practical examination stage; (5) the company has the following advantages: 1 Two scientific research achievements have filled the domestic gap and reached the international advanced level; (6) one Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award and one provincial technology innovation award.

                Support advantages of "building furnace expert"

                (1) Yaohua Tenai has five professional construction teams with more than 150 people, and most of its project managers have more than ten years of first-line construction experience.

                (2) Continuous innovation of construction technology, optimization and upgrading of each process construction scheme, implementation of special post for key parts of construction.

                (3) The third grade qualification of general contracting construction of metallurgical engineering and the third grade qualification of thermal insulation and anticorrosion.

                (4) At the same time, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality, fast and comprehensive integrated solutions.

                Support advantages of "service expert" construction

                (1) Yaohua Tenai's "service expert" construction is customer demand-oriented.

                (2) Yaohua Tenai has a professional and efficient marketing service team, with more than ten years of product service experience, to provide customers with reliable and rapid response of meticulous service.

                (3) Yaohua Tenai's service team is directly headed by the general manager, and the after-sales service team is set up by professional service personnel. The team is equipped with special personnel and special vehicles, which are available 24 hours a day. With the characteristic service system of Yaohua Tenai, no matter when and where the customers are, the fast and thoughtful service is at your side.

                (4) "Think what customers think and be anxious about what customers are anxious about.". The company has a set of construction scheme which is different from other competitors and can enter the furnace maintenance at the first time, fully reflecting the core competitiveness characterized by "fast".

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