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                The third step

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                The third step

                Date of release:2012-12-12 Author: Click:

                The third step:Building core competitiveness

                Yaohua tenar strives to build the core competitiveness characterized by "fast".

                Interpretation of the core competitiveness characterized by "Kuai"

                Yaohua Tenai's "fast" is reflected in every link of the company's whole production value chain, especially focusing on meeting the needs of customers in every link! That is reflected in the high-precision technical research force, high-quality product production process, high-quality engineering construction and rapid response, quality first customer service network.

                Specifically speaking, the fast of Yaohua ternai is reflected in every detail of enterprise operation: fast discovery of demand, fast provision of scheme, fast supply of materials, fast construction and fast after-sales service.

                For the after-sales service field of Yaohua Tenai, the expression of "fast" is everywhere, covering every process node in the field of after-sales service. Quick response to emergencies, quick response to the progress of after-sales service, quick problem diagnosis, quick solution, quick maintenance and construction, quick repair, quick ignition, etc. With the core competitiveness of Yaohua Tenai, we can win market competition, win the trust of customers, and fundamentally meet the final needs of customers.

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