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                Yaohua Tenai Technology: R & D and application of high strength and wear resistant castable

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                Yaohua Tenai Technology: R & D and application of high strength and wear resistant castable

                Date of release:2019-06-11 Author: Click:

                With the development of the city, the rapid development of industry and the continuous promotion of environmental protection awareness, Shandong Yaohua Tenai Technology Co., Ltd. also has good performance and experience in the high-strength and wear-resistant castable industry.

                High strength and wear-resistant castable has the characteristics of early strength, good heat preservation, good wear resistance, small volume density and good workability. The main raw materials are coking gem clinker and ceramsite, 625 × high alumina cement, etc. The ratio of cement to aggregate is 4:6, in which the coarse particles of 10-5mm are used for coke and gem clinker, the ceramsite is divided into 7-1.2mm and less than 1.2mm, the dispersant and high-efficiency composite early strength agent are added, and the amount of water added is 15% - 20%. The test blocks of 40mm × 40mm × 160mm were made by vibration molding. After drying at 110 ℃× 24h and firing at 1000 ℃× 3h, the strength of castable with critical particle size of 10-5mm was better than that of castable with critical particle size of 5-3mm. The reason is that the critical particle size of the latter is smaller than that of the ceramsite. Under the action of external force, the first damage is the fine ceramsite between the large ceramsite and the pyrogem, and then the pyrogem can resist the external action, so its strength increases, but it is not very significant. In the former, the critical size of pyrogem is larger than that of ceramsite, and its strength increases significantly with the increase of pyrogem dosage.

                In order to ensure a certain volume density of castable, the amount of pyrogem is determined to be 10% ~ 15%. After batching, it is transported to the site, and the forced mixer is used for mixing at the site. The feeding sequence is: coarse aggregate → 2 / 3 additive → fine powder → 1 / 3 additive → full mixing, mixing for 1-2min and discharging. The castables can be dried after 7 days of natural curing. Through the field construction, it shows that this kind of high strength and wear-resistant castable is easy to rapid construction, and has good fluidity, and the water consumption is obviously lower than that of the same kind of castable.

                Shandong Yaohua Tenai Technology Co., Ltd. takes integrity as the direction of the enterprise, culture as the soul of the brand, and takes steady steps. Looking forward to the future, full of vitality, showing a strong momentum of development and good prospects for development; our company is willing to first-class service attitude and sincere cooperation at home and abroad for common development.

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