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                Comparative analysis of low cement castable and common refractory castable

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                Comparative analysis of low cement castable and common refractory castable

                Date of release:2019-06-11 Author: Click:

                Zibo Yaohua ternai mainly produces: high strength and wear-resistant castable, high strength and wear-resistant plastic, CFB boiler refractory and other products. Recently, many customers have inquired about the difference between low cement castable and ordinary refractory castable. Here is a brief introduction.

                The following is the definition and performance of Low Cement Castables:

                Low Cement Castables are similar to ordinary refractory castables. They are all composed of refractory aggregate, refractory fine powder and binder. The difference is that in the matrix composed of refractory fine powder and binder, part or all of alumina cement is replaced by ultra-fine powder, and a small amount of dispersant is added to make the ultra-fine powder evenly disperse between the aggregate particles and fill in the submicron space In order to form a uniform and dense structure. The key of this kind of castable is the introduction of ultrafine powder and its dispersion technology.

                The ultra-fine powders used for Low Cement Castables mainly include SiO2, Al2O3, ZrO2, TiO2, Cr2O3, etc., but the most widely used ultra-fine powders in industrial production are SiO2 and Al2O3. The ultra-fine powder of alumina is mainly used in high-grade aggregate castables, and the ultra-fine powder is most widely used. It has a wide range of sources and varieties, and the silica fume from ferroalloy plant is more reported at home and abroad.

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