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                Cause analysis of wear of high strength wear resistant plastic for circulating fluidized bed boiler

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                Cause analysis of wear of high strength wear resistant plastic for circulating fluidized bed boiler

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                1. Temperature fluctuation of high strength and wear resistant plastic

                When the combustion condition changes during boiler start-up, shutdown and operation, the temperature in cyclone separator changes rapidly and significantly, and the liner temperature also changes significantly. When the temperature fluctuates, the internal stress between the lining aggregate and the binder will be formed due to the different thermal expansion coefficient, which will damage the overall structure of the lining. The continuous temperature change results in the damage of the lining and the deterioration of the thermal stability, while the drastic temperature change results in the cracks of the lining. Smoke and flame erode and scour the lining along the crack, resulting in large area of local lining falling off.

                2. High strength and wear-resistant plastic can be washed mechanically

                Compared with anthracite, bituminous coal has higher volatile matter, lower calorific value, and higher coal consumption and air volume per unit power generation than the design value. Therefore, after the boiler fuel is changed from anthracite to bituminous coal, the solid materials in the flue gas at the furnace outlet increase. The high temperature flue gas carries a large number of material particles into the cyclone separator, rotates at high speed in the cyclone separator, separates the solid material by centrifugal action, and then flows into the feeder along its lower leg. During the operation of the boiler, the flow area required by the furnace outlet exceeds the design value, and the cyclone separator and the return feeder are seriously eroded and worn by high-speed materials. Especially in the position of the inlet target area of the cyclone separator facing the flue gas, the strength and stiffness of the original designed high-strength wear-resistant plastic can not meet the operation requirements of the boiler.

                3. Poor construction technology of high strength and wear resistant plastic

                (1) Improper welding of grab pin

                The grasping nail plays a role in maintaining the integrity of the lining and enhancing the bending resistance of the lining. If the length of the catch pin can not meet the requirements, the distance between the hot end and the lining surface is too small, it is easy to cause the catch pin oxidation and fall off; if the catch pin structure is not suitable, the fastener welding is not firm, or the arrangement is too rare, it can not meet the design requirements of support, fastening and bending resistance, it is easy to cause the lining to fall off. In particular, if the strength of the catch pin welded on the top surface is not enough, the lining is easier to fall off as a whole. In the process of construction, there are too many nail grabbing welding, and there is a large amount of expansion at high temperature. The expansion coefficient of lining is different from that of nail grabbing, and the nail grabbing expansion is blocked, which causes lining cracking.

                (2) Unreasonable lining laying

                There are mainly the following situations: A. before the lining is laid, the old lining around the working area is not cleaned, resulting in large cracks at the joint position of the new and old lining.

                B. The plasticity index of the lining is generally 15% ~ 40%. When the plasticity index of the lining is less than 15% or more than 40%, the tamping is not dense.

                C. The mixing time and proportion of the lining can not be carried out according to the requirements of the plastic. There are some problems, such as too long or too short mixing time, uneven mixing, secondary laying of the lining, and not compact tamping during the laying process, which can not guarantee the density and strength of the lining.

                D. The lining just completed contains water. The design of the exhaust hole is unreasonable. After the boiler starts up, the moisture in the lining can not be separated quickly, resulting in the shallow cracking and falling off of the plastic (see Fig. 4).

                (3) Unreasonable setting of expansion joint

                The rammed lining is integral and continuous. Because the position and size of the expansion joint of the lining do not meet the requirements (the expansion joint is not set enough, the expansion gap of the lining is not enough, etc.), the lining is uplifted towards the fire side, and the lining is worn and falls off due to the erosion of high-speed smoke. At the same time, the expansion joint is designed too much and too large, and the ceramic fiber paper in the expansion joint is blown away, which increases the cracks on the lining surface, resulting in the lining cracking.

                For more information about high-strength wear-resistant plastic, please call Shandong Yaohua Tenai Technology Co., Ltd. the company will always adhere to the service tenet of "pursuing service efficiency and meeting customer needs" to bring customers better products and services.


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