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                What should be paid attention to in the construction of refractory castable

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                What should be paid attention to in the construction of refractory castable

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                What should we pay attention to in the construction of refractory castable?

                The key points of castable construction are pin welding, asphalt coating, water mixing, mold making and fixing, vibration, demoulding protection, dimension guarantee, accurate measuring points, etc., and the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of material manufacturers and boiler plants.

                (1) Water distribution control: strictly control the water distribution of wear-resistant refractory castable, use quantitative container, and assign special person to distribute water. The desalted water with pH = 6-7.5 and chloride ion content ≤ 50ppm shall be used, and the water quality shall be sampled and tested before construction. The water content of refractory castable should be controlled within 5-6.5%. The strength of wear-resistant castable decreases sharply with too much water, the castable is not easy to vibrate with less water, the local parts of construction can not be completely filled, and the material texture is uneven. The amount of water can be controlled in a certain range according to the temperature and distance of the pouring site.

                (2) It is very important to check before mold making, which must be accepted by the maintenance before castable construction. If the mechanical installation is wrong, it will lead to castable rework, and the workload is very large. Before mold making, it is necessary to carefully check whether the pin, hook pin and supporting parts meet the drawing requirements, whether the repair welding is complete and firm, and whether the temporary metal parts are cut off. Check whether all metal parts coated with asphalt meet the requirements. The number of pins should be increased at the corner, especially at the nozzle position inside the furnace. Stainless steel bars can be used to connect the casting pins in a network to improve the strength of the castable at the corner.

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