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                What should be paid attention to in the construction of refractory castables?

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                What should be paid attention to in the construction of refractory castables?

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                What should be paid attention to during the construction of refractory castables

                1. Check the type, proportion, installation and cold welding quality of the anchor. The metal anchor must be treated with expansion compensation;

                2. Check the packing and delivery date of castable, and carry out pre test to check whether it is invalid;

                3. Check the construction water, the water quality must reach the quality of drinking water.

                4. Check the shape and cleanliness of the facilities to be poured;

                5. Check the measures to prevent the dehydration of refractory castable around the refractory brick lining and insulation layer;

                6. Check the condition of construction machinery;

                If the above-mentioned works are not qualified in the inspection, the construction can only be carried out after passing the treatment. The outdated and invalid materials shall not be used, and the continuous power supply and construction shall be ensured during the construction of castables.

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