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                Refractory mortar series products (bricklaying mud)

                Refractory mortar series products (bricklaying mud)

                • Taxonomy:Refractory mortar series products (bricklaying mud)

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                According to the needs of users, this series of products choose acidic or alkaline mortar, which is made of high quality fine bauxite powder and other additives. It is mainly used for the joint bonding of fired brick, clay brick, high alumina brick and phosphate brick. The main features of the product are: high bonding strength, less shrinkage at high temperature, good fluidity, easy to use, etc.

                Main varieties and uses:

                1. 810 cement: mainly used for CFB boiler combustion chamber, turning flue, cyclone separator parts, masonry all kinds of PA wear-resistant brick, etc.

                2. Common refractory mortar: it is mainly used in the tail flue of circulating fluidized bed boiler, cyclone separator, masonry of various common refractory bricks, insulation bricks, etc.

                3. Inorganic acid binder: mainly used for pasting aluminum silicate fiber felt and refractory brick.

                4. Inorganic basic binder: mainly used for bonding aluminum silicate fiber felt and metal.

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